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About Us

The game of chess is known to enhance the development of valuable critical thinking and creative problem solving skills in children. But it is extremely important to provide the right environment to a child to develop his all-round ability. Hamara chess academy believes that any student of chess can become a competent chess player with a proper program of instruction.

Chess has been taught at all levels by all types of chess players. High levels of chess ability necessarily make the best chess players, but this can certainly be achieved through systematic training and regular practice. That is where Hamara is trying to make a humble step, keeping in mind the aspiring chess amateurs. Launched by Lakshminarayana Kantholi, a leading chess player from Kerala, the academy aims to develop a new chess culture in Kerala that will one day create wonders.

Under the guidance of Calicut’s first international master Mr.K. Rathnakaran,Hamara has enlisted a few leading names to mould the talents and we believe that our trainers will provide all that is required for an average player to understand the game and reach the master level without great difficulty.

An academy’s role is not limited to training, rather it should provide the platforms to test the skill acquired at and for that we incessantly conduct quality events to cater to the needs of all our students and our members. This throws open tremendous opportunities, especially for players who dream of leaving an indelible mark in this enthralling game. We very firmly believe that the players have to enjoy respect and adoration in the society, which will make them psychologically at ease.

We sincerely hope that you will find our humble effort useful to many aspiring chess players.

Our Chess Coaches

Jyothylal.N (chief coach )+919074652318 (online for UK Students)
Laxminarayanan .K (Director)
N. Abdul majeed (5time Kerala champion) +919995747029

Mohammed Dilshad National Master USA +919072996531(online For USA Students)

M C Abdul Latheef  +919633948332 (Beginners)